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News & Research

The articles provided below contain various reports of research and technical interest to the wine barrel industry.

  • Interview of Vincent Damy (750 KB PDF)
    Read a great interview of Tonnellerie Billon's Vincent Damy, written by Ola Bergman.
  • Technical Information
    Insights into the importance of proper air drying of the stave wood, steam vs. fire bending staves, prices and French oak availability, and quality control through Oeno-Bois Recherche Conseil.
  • Glossary of Winemaking Terms
    Questions? Come across an unfamiliar term like "barre" or "flagging"? Your answers are here in the "Glossary of Terms".
  • Barrel Lore
    A fun, historical chronology of Vincent Bouchard's contributions to the winemaking industry.
  • Forest Origin Comparison
    "The oak barrel contributes to wine quality in several ways. Most important is its role as flavour enhancer, which is what makes the subject of forest origin so interesting to winemakers."
  • Cooper Comparisons
    Phase 1 - An objective study of our coopers' barrels providing detailed analysis of oak aroma and graphically demonstrating cooperage comparisons.
    Phase 2 - Follow-up study comparing extraction of oak compounds in water versus wine.
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