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In 1940 Lauriano Canadell, a Spanish Civil War refugee, established Canadell Canadellin Trie-Sur-Baïse (Hautes-Pyrénées) France as a wood-burning facility to supply the shipyard plant of Tarbes, France. Since 1950—for 4 generations and over 60 years—Canadell has been providing staves of the highest quality to the largest cooperages in the world.

In 1984, they opened a second facility in Ully-Saint-Georges, just north of Paris, in order to localize production by sourcing oak from the surrounding forests. Currently managed by Father Jacques Canadell and Son Frédéric, Canadell is one of the oldest Customers, and today remain the premier Customer of the French L'Office National des Forêts (ONF).

In 2000, the Canadell line of fine oak alternatives for winemaking was born from this tradition, benefiting from the company's experience and expertise. Today, Canadell's reputation for quality is successfully spreading throughout Europe, thanks to recent winemaking legislation.


Canadell begins by utilizing its historic relationship with the ONF to source 100% French Oak from the finest high timber forests in France, all of which is fully traceable—from the forest to your wine cellar. Next, they take wood exclusively from the oak duramen (with no bark or sapwood) and season it for a minimum of 24 months (Staves, Fans and Dominoes) or 36 months (Chips, Mini Chips and Powder). When the wood has attained optimal seasoning, Canadell adheres to strict proprietary toasting regimens to carefully craft a complete line of oak alternatives- from oak powder and oak chips to dominoes and tank staves. Top-of-the-line hermetic packaging ensures that all products are stored and delivered in the best possible aromatic condition.

PEFC Certification:

In order to maintain its standards for high quality, Canadell regularly selects random lots of oak for rigorous inspection and TCA analyses. Their ongoing commitment to sustainability has recently led to a PEFC certification.

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