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Bouchard Cooperages: International brokers of fine quality oak wine barrels


About Bouchard Cooperages

Bouchard Cooperages represents an organisation of highly skilled manufacturers of premium oak wine barrels. From the tree selection in the forest to the finished barrel ready for sale, quality control is foremost at every stage of production.

Always maintaining a high level of performance, the companies we represent employ many talented individuals Bouchard Cooperagescommitted to producing outstanding products. Careful management and scheduling enables us to supply wineries around the globe and provide timely delivery.

Successfully merging a rich history with an exciting future, the seven companies represented by Bouchard Cooperages in New Zealand all adhere to the following: they value their unique traditions; they respond to market demands and they embrace developments in the industry thus improving production, keeping costs low and quality high. They are also family owned enterprises, mindful of their history and commitment to future generations.

The Company Story:

20 years ago, Vincent Bouchard looked into his wine glass and saw the future: it was made of premium oak, well seasoned, perfectly toasted and crafted into a beautiful wine barrel. He envisioned a growing wine industry worldwide and a consumer market where quality mattered. With wine and wood in his bones he put his unique background and skills to work and began to export premium oak barrels from France. This was the beginning of Bouchard Cooperages, international brokerage of premium oak barrels.

With a burgeoning wine industry worldwide, Bouchard Cooperages initially met the needs of many winemakers by bringing Burgundian barrels from the cooperages of Billon and Damy to the international market place. With the establishment of direct representation of Bouchard Cooperages in New Zealand, the list of coopers represented has grown to include, Bordeaux cooper Bel Air and Hungarian oak supplier European Coopers, plus Canadell, a producer of premium French oak stave inserts located in the town of Varize.

Vincent BouchardAlways one step ahead and fully prepared to supply a constantly growing market and increasingly demanding consumer, Bouchard Cooperages continues to put quality first and remains a leader in providing the wine industry with tradition, value and service.

The Man Behind It All:

Vincent Bouchard is the man behind the company. His rich life experiences have uniquely prepared him to be a remarkable barrel authority and a fine winemaker.

The Staff:

The Bouchard Cooperages team is a talented group of experienced wine industry professionals who actively manage the production and sales of fine oak barrels while maintaining the highest level of customer service.


Bouchard Cooperages