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ArdeaSeal represents an innovative, technical and premium wine closure made of ArdeaSealrecyclable techno-polymers that aims to solve the enological flaws associated with natural cork and other wine closures. The closure is produced in the Piedmonte region of Italy and its technology was patented in 1999. It has been used to bottle premium wines since 2002.

ArdeaSeal closures eliminate the risk of TCA, MDMP and other undesirable organoleptic ArdeaSeal Closuretaints associated with natural cork. However, it also sets out to deliver consistent micro-oxidation transfer rates from bottle to bottle over time and therefore guarantees complete consistency across the same bottles of wine. ArdeaSeal closures promise zero risk of glue and plastic taints found in agglomerated or other synthetic closures.

The most important part of the closure is the shield. It is the only material in contact with the wine and controls the micro-oxidation rate of the closure. The shield is made of the same techno-polymer found in artificial hearts and is therefore bio-grade and completely inert.

CorkscrewArdeaSeal is corkscrew and coravin friendly and makes the same "pop" noise as a natural cork. The closure's different body and text color options offer marketing and branding benefits that are unique in comparison to other products on the market.

The closure is most suited for wines that are age-worthy. Over time, the wine develops and breathes but also maintains its brightness, youthfulness and tension in the palette.


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