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Drunk Turtle


Drunk Turtle is a family owned company located just outside of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy that Drunk Turtleproduces both concrete and Cocciopesto amphorae in large formats for the vinification and ageing of wines. Their amphorae are exported throughout different winemaking regions in the world and can now be found in North America through Bouchard Cooperages.

Drunk Turtle produces both concrete and Cocciopesto tanks, but they are most recognized for the latter. Cocciopesto is a natural building material first used by the ancient Romans to create vessels and aqueducts for wine and water. The patented compound is made of fragments or "cocci" of crushed terracotta and stone, sand, de-chlorinated water, and Opus Cocciosmall quantities of a natural binding agent. The mixture is then left to air dry in a mold for three weeks, after which the amphorae can be customized for enological applications. Because the quantity of binding agent used is so small, the levels of heavy metals are extremely low—so low in fact that Cocciopesto amphorae have received alimentary certification from the prestigious TÛV laboratory in Germany, meaning an epoxy coating is not needed inside the amphorae.

The natural materials in Cocciopesto are extremely durable, and their contact with wine brings minerality, complexity, freshness and brightness to the wine. Cocciopesto amphorae are also porous, allowing for micro-oxidation; and their thickness provides thermal inertia, protecting the wine from temperature fluctuations. We encourage you to try these natural amphorae that have been used by our ancient ancestors for centuries.


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