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Master Coopers™


After 36 years of passion and dedication to the cooperage business, Vincent Bouchard has finally put his signature on a barrel. Master Coopers™In his words, "when a barrel is at its best, the fruit is the star of the show. Over the last 36 years, I have tasted through many varietals of wines from all over the world in thousands of barrels from all different Coopers. After a while, you begin to realize that each Cooper has a distinct signature. Some are quite overpowering, while others are almost invisible. Some add their impact on the nose, some on the mid palate, and others on the finish."

"What I wanted to achieve with the Master Coopers™ recipe is a complete integration of wood and wine throughout the 5 stages of tasting: the nose, the front palate, the mid palate, the finish, and what in Italy we call the 'retro-gusto,' where the wine comes back after drinking or spitting. The integration will be balanced in a way that shows a reverence for fruit and terroir."

Bouchard's vision is achieved through a truly unique toasting method, designed from years of research.

Produit de Bourgogne

Working closely with a selected Burgundian Cooper with whom he has had the longest relationship, the barrels feature 100% 3-year air dry French oak from specially selected premier forests, and are available in both Slow Blue and Slow Red toasts: Slow Blue for Chardonnay and other whites; Slow Red for Pinot Noir and other delicate/aromatic reds.

Made in America

Once again, Vincent Bouchard has partnered with one of the premier Coopers in America to create American oak barrels. The patent-pending proprietary toasting process is much longer than the traditional toasting time and done at a lower flame, designed to optimize the essence of American oak while minimizing its undesirable characteristics. That means more subtle oak nuances that lift the fruit and broaden the palate; and less aggressive lactones with no overt oakiness, plankyness or dill.

Slow growth American white oak of the highest quality is seasoned for a minimum of 2 years. Master Coopers™ Made in America barrels are hand crafted in small quantities and available in Missouri, Minnesota and Pennsylvania oak.

Barrels Available:


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